Leading with Kindness

We are a small, friend-operated company that believes in the magic of human connection.  Think of us as your personal garden filled with the abundance of the most beautiful flowers. We believe that your life is full of moments worth celebrating beyond the expectation of traditional holidays.

We want you to celebrate with us the most important moments for those you love who need to feel seen, embraced, supported or heard.

Let us guide you to say yes to inspired action that can have a ripple effect.  Let us help you to go beyond flowers as a transaction but rather as flowers as a service to those you love.  

We are always surprised by the tiny actions of sending someone in your life an unexpected bouquet or a card from the heart can have sizable outputs of mending, strengthening and fostering that bond of the connection to another.

While we are small, we couldn’t do this without our network of florists that work from the heart.

All of our love to you!

The Flowers Directory Team 

Tami - The one who is balanced and our team mother.

Nica - A gamer who is fun, empowering and recently married!

Julia - The heart of our site full of empathy, an artist and is one with water. ;)

Tim - A universal connector, light warrior with a belly laugh for days.

Jorge - A bright and humble genius with a liking to WimHof.

Rahul - All knowing when it comes to data and genuine thru and thru.

Cole - The one that is full of love, expansive in knowledge and a great gifter.

Roni - The silent one who is thoughtful, silly and full of potential.

Jamie - The one who is ever curious, grounded and enjoys Peonies.