Valentine's Day is just around the corner

Though our plans might look a little different this year that doesn't mean that we can't surprise our loved ones with the perfect gift. You can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of roses - throw in a box of chocolates and a bottle of bubbly and you've got all the essentials for a romantic night in.

How to care for Valentine's Day roses

After delivery you'll need to fill your vase two thirds full with fresh water, but remember to refresh these every few days. When attending to the roses, you should cut off about 2cm from the bottom of each stem using sharp scissors at a 45 degree angle. Every 2-3 days, you should re-cut the rose stems.

It's important that you remove any foliage which may sit below the waterline as this can cause bacteria to build up in the vase. You'll also need to remove any guard petals from your roses – these are the tougher, darker petals on the outsides. We advise that you keep your flowers away from windowsills, other draught sources and blaring radiators.

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