Being Unselfish For Ukraine


Hi there, It’s Julia, one of the newest members of The Flowers Directory team.

I was born and raised in Ukraine, a beautiful country in Eastern Europe, independent, strong, with the endless golden fields stretching far into the horizon under the bluest skies, full of history, rich culture, and warm-hearted people.

On February 24th I woke up to the messages from my parents and friends from different parts of Ukraine saying that the cities are being bombed from the sky and land. Those were some of the hardest days of my life - being far away from the people I love, feeling helpless, not being able to protect them, and seeing how your home country is being torn apart piece by piece by war. I talked to my friend this morning. She lives in Kharkiv. This is one of the cities that has been getting one of the biggest bombings and fights since the beginning of the invasion.

She volunteers to help young women with kids to find safe refuge, buying food, medical supplies, and other necessities. 

I ask from my heart to follow your heart and seize this moment in this tiny email to follow that voice to say yes to helping the Ukraine. Making a donation might seem like a drop in the sea, but every little thing matters, believe me.

The Flowers Directory will donate 50% of our revenue from sales until March 10 to the people of Ukraine. We will donate to my friends that are on the ground in Ukraine working with women and children who are in need of safe refuge and food as this war evolves. This means our donation will have immediate impact in daily cycles as we pool funds.

We are grateful for you and listening to us to help the well-being of people there and we will share the updates on our progress with you in our next newsletter.